Jun 30, 2017

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Technology and Taxes

There is an adage about death and taxes being certain. That was said about 300 years ago. The adage is still true as taxes are ever present and have become a little more complicated especially if you have several businesses or own an international business.


Those owning international businesses find it a unique challenge to fulfill their tax obligations. If they’re not knowledgeable about international tax laws, then they could find themselves in tax documentation disaster. They could wind up having to pay a huge amount of taxes they didn’t know they needed to pay in different countries. To solve this problem, technology can be used for better communication and information exchange through email, video meetings, or international calls. It’s wise for an international business to have accountants or bookkeepers that are educated in international tax laws to help solve that problem. It is also a great idea for a business to hire accountants and bookkeepers in the countries that the businesses are operating in. Having local financial organizers and tax filers will be important to an international business because they know the specific tax laws of the country they’re in and will organize and file things accordingly. Using technology will aid in the quick exchange of files and pertinent information so that the business stays up to date with sending important financial information.


Another advantage of using technology when doing taxes is having more efficient applications and software available to get taxes done quicker by the accountants. Calculations can be done automatically after the input of accurate numbers and results are processed immediately. Information that is needed can be swiftly sent and signatures can even be acquired online with the use of digital pens. If all the accountants use the same platform of information exchange and same templates for documentation, they could share information with the business and the other accountants and bookkeepers on a master file that they can all access and modify as needed. Transactions can all be done online which is convenient for any business with bases abroad.


Having the proper technological tools available will help accountants and bookkeepers everywhere to do their jobs faster and more accurately. This means they’ll have more time to spend on interpreting the data and finding ways to help a business increase productivity and financial profit. They can also find places where finances are not being used profitably and can help businesses develop alternative solutions to turn wasteful spending into savings and better investments.


It’s amazing what can happen when tax and technology mix – accuracy is improved, streamlining is easier, and international and local tax laws are easier to abide by. Switching to online financial and tax management can seem daunting; however, if you take the plunge, it gets easier. The first steps might be a little bit complicated, but you’ll get a hang of it. Before you know it, you will be a whiz at doing your finances and taxes online. With the help of an accountant or bookkeeper like https://www.ezyaccountsbookkeeping.com.au/bookkeeping-melbourne/ , the process will be easier. They can help you make the all-important transition of using technology to the full when processing your taxes and managing your finances.