What Makes A Good Accounting Firm?

Good Accounting Firm

Whether you’re running a small business or a large company, you need to keep your financial books in order. Well, that’s why you need to hire an accounting firm to keep everything in check. If you’re looking for a good accounting firm, you should contact http://www.wk.co.nz for the best accounting and taxation advice. Here are some of the qualities to look for in a good accounting firm.

  • Qualifications

What are the qualifications of the individual accountants working in the firm? Besides the basic bachelor degree in a finance niche and postgraduate degrees in the same field too, there are more qualifications. For instance, the best chartered accountants should have professional qualifications such as CPA or ACCA and have membership in the respective bodies.

  • Identity And Availability Of The Person Handling Your Accounts

If you’re looking to hire an entire accounting firm for your business or company, you need to know the individual accountant who is responsible for your accounts. For instance, will your accounts be passed to the junior accountant who recently joined the company or the head accountant with tons of experience? On the other hand, what’s the availability of the accountant who will be handling your accounts? Can they meet in person or chat over the phone whenever you require assistance? Are they only available in specific times? Certainly, you need someone who is accessible whenever you require assistance with your accounting related matters.

  • Services

You need to find out whether the firms offer a range of accounting services. These include financial management, cash flow analysis, auditing or reporting and also succession planning. On the other hand, if you need assistance with taxation matters, you need to find a firm that provides everything under one roof. It’s more efficient to deal with one firm for all your accounting needs than looking for separate firms for each one of the services mentioned above.

  • Industry Or Niche Familiarity

When you’re looking to hire an accounting firm, you need to know their current clients. Find out whether they have handled other companies or businesses in your specific niche. That way, you can rest assured that they have the experience required to provide the best advice in any financial related issues. Keep in mind that different industries might have varying regulations when it comes to accounting and taxation. Therefore, you need to know whether the firm can provide such advice whenever required.